Risaterapia A.C.

We are a Mexican non-profit organization created in 1999 by women and men of different professions and backgrounds. We are committed to sharing joy and promoting cheerful cooperation in aid of reconstructing the social fabric  and peace of the world. 


Risaterapia is a non-profit  organization, independent of any religious and political trends. We currently have over 2,500 active Laughter Doctors in 36 cities who are visiting hospitals, households for children and the elderly as well as vulnerable communities.


Our purpose is to improve the quality of life, change the outlook and attitude of people and create places where the community and the private initiative work together in activities that promote cheerful cooperation.

Meet Andrés, our founder.

Andrés Aguilar is one of the main promoters of social peace and well-being in Mexico.


Recognized Speaker on motivational topics such as confidence, teamwork and creativity, he has participated in forums, corporate conventions and international conferences.


Andrés was the stellar clown in “The biggest/greatest show of the world” at the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus touring the U.S, Canada and México, covering over a hundred cities and participating in around a thousand functions.


While training as a professional clown at “Clown College” of the famous Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus, Andrés was inspired by an event of meeting a girl in a hospital and in 1999 he created Risaterapia. 


Andres has participated in joy brigades with Clowns Without Borders in countries like Ecuador and Kenya.


Meeting Andrés Aguilar and trying to describe him  is a complicated task.. It’s much better to have him in front of you, hugging you and getting ready to play.



Through constructive actions of joy and humanizing experiences, we develop teams of friends that renew the certainty of creating a better world.




Active compassion





To cause positive changes and social unity in people and groups through a superior performance sustained in social actions, education, integration and communication to the Laughter Doctors and our partners. 

Quality policy

All our facilitators are certified and in constant training. All the services of Risaterapia A.C are always backed by a voucher, invoice or receipt in the name of the Organization to ensure you that you are contributing to create a better world.