We need you!

We’re currently 2,500 Laughter Doctors benefiting 260,000 people per year.
Seems a lot, right? The reality is that we are very few compared to the great need that our country and the world has when we consider we are actually about 129 million people worldwide.
Take the “White Star” workshop to become a Laughter Doctor, and you’ll find many tools that will help you create positive environments and discover the best version of yourself. In the workshop, you’ll learn to play with failure, lose the fear of foolishness and develop many tools to learn to see life from a different perspective.
Being a Laughter Doctor is great!


Workshop: “Discover the power of Laughter in you”


This workshop is designed with learning methodology through games and human development. In addition to being certified as a Laughter Doctor, you will learn how to deal with your emotions.


During the workshop you will also develop clown and improvisation tools, which will not only help you become a professional Laughter Doctor , but will allow you to improve your daily life and relate better to failure. You will realize how failure is not as bad as we think it is, and how you can transform it into an ally in order to achieve success.




“Discover the strength in you” 


Once you’re a Laughter Doctor you can complement your knowledge by becoming a “Red Star”. You will be able to visit hospices and households for children and the elderly. 


The workshop is designed with topics like: awareness, bases of thanatology, stages of mourning/grief, challenges of the elderly, among other things.


During this workshop you will also learn improvisation tools. The topics given within the workshop will not only help you become a professional in this area but will also allow you to learn to listen with your heart.

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Upcoming dates postponed until further notice due to Pandemic Season

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