Risaterapia for Business

Risaterapia for business offers training in a different way to public and private organizations in the world to improve both the company's and their collaborator’s work environment and general mood to increase well-being and productivity.  


We discovered that the "epicenter of bad humor" is in the companies with which we collaborate, and that we are experiencing a great crisis of apathy in our work.


For more than 8 years we have been fighting, with the Risaterapia methodology applied to organizational development, the prevention of psychosocial risks and remedying work related stress, as well as toxic work environments, 


This is why we offer training and teaching services, Recreation and Social Support,  Conferences and Special Projects.

We seek to be your allies and improve the environment of your company; share with our collaborators different ways to handle stress management, improve communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution, leadership and many others things that are essential for organizational competitiveness. We do this through fun experiences to form work teams and develop the potential of your collaborators in courses that promote integration and new ways of working.

Wellness + Work environment = Productivity


Risaterapia for business  offers human development workshops and training programs that seek to improve the mood of its employees to find wellness and with this, also improve productivity in an atmosphere of play, joy and good humor.

Dare to live the experience!     empresarial@risaterapia.org

Our Allies

certificacion 2020-12.jpg

Certification in “Organizational Fulfillment” - Organizational Joy

With this methodology, you will be able to guide high impact actions, which in turn will allow you to effectively transmit transcendent changes in institutions. You will become a true agent of change and promote atmospheres where well-being is the priority to improve productivity, create projects and strategies with better results in commitment and effectiveness. It is worth mentioning that this program is endorsed by the labor secretariat of the Mexican government.

For more information send an email with the name of your company or school, name and number of the person to be treated to: empresarial@risaterapia.org

or by Whats App: +52 55 4493 1976