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In Risaterapia we are always looking for ways to share the best version of ourselves and others. In these difficult times we have carried out a series of Virtual Courses that give you knowledge and quality content. You can contribute  to support us and help us continue working in favor of the world’s wellness and joy. 

What courses can you take?

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Aprende sobre los Primeros Auxilios Psicológicos como herramienta de intervención psicológica como una ayuda breve e inmediata de apoyo a la persona para restablecer su estabilidad personal a nivel emocional, físico, cognitivo y conductual


(Docientos cincuenta pesos Mexicanos)


(Docientos cincuenta pesos Mexicanos)

Descubre la maravillosa experiencia de ser Médico de la Risa por un día y a prende las bases para hacer una visita virtual maravillosa resaltando siempre tu mejor versión.


Aprende las herramientas clave para aumentar tus Soft Skills en resolución de conflictos


(Docientos cincuenta pesos Mexicanos)

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What courses can you take?

Liderazgo 035


Emociones en línea

Inteligencia Emocional


Meet our virtual Catalog

Meet the team that facilitates our workshops


Raquel Origel

Graduated in Organizational Communication, she has a Master's Degree in Strategic Communication as well as more than 15 years of experience in the field of volunteering, including her current position as General Director of Risaterapia A.C. Join her in the workshops. Master Trainer of the Certification in Organizational Joy. 

MindFulness and Positive Psychology.

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Paulina Barrios

Psychologist and therapist, specialized in psychoanalysis. With extensive experience in emotional support and certifications in Laughter Yoga and the Certification for Course Instructor in Organizational “contentura” (joy). Enjoy her company in the Online Psychological First Aid and Emotions courses.

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Alan Romo

Communicologist with experience in the area of ​​public relations, management of communication tools, logistics and organization, international protocol and group management.

Certified Course Instructor in Organizational “Contentura” and Communication Manager of Risaterapia A.C. Take a journey through the Assertive Communication and Leadership 035 workshops.

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Alberto Rosales

With 2 degrees, one as an Accountant and the other in Communication Sciences, he has extensive experience in Human Development issues, working in the public and private sphere. He has been a Doctor of Laughter since 2013 and is certified in Organizational “contentura”. You can’t miss his great expertise in the virtual course, Doctor of Laughter for a day.