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Risaterapia is an Organization made up of thousands of Laughter Doctors, facilitators, friends, an operational staff and a Board of Directors.

Board Cosmic Council

They are the people in charge of: Overseeing the administration of Risaterapia and proposing strategies for the development and growth of our association. The council is also in charge of ensuring the Institutional Philosophy and that we always remember the reason Risaterapia exists.


The area is in charge of the Communication strategies and materials that Risaterapia transmits to all its audiences, always taking care of the image of our Organization .

Find me if you need: Support with any material that contains the logo or name of Risaterapia, if you need support for an activity in the mass media or the organization of an event.

Administration and finance


The area is responsible for: Registration, support and optimal control of the economic, material and human resources of Risaterapia. Find me if you need: Receipts of services or donations, payments, transparency.

General Management


The area is in charge of: Directing, organizing and supporting the efforts and initiatives of all the Areas and the Board so we can together achieve the mission of Risaterapia.

Find me if you need to: Give some feedback on the running and operation of the Staff.



The area is in charge of offering Human Development workshops to the General Public to help them find the best version of themselves and invite them to join Risaterapia. They are also in charge of: Promoting happiness in the organizations of our country through cheerful cooperation, teamwork, leadership, assertive communication, service, among other services that favor the work environment and productivity. 


Find me if you need: Information, proposals or any subject related to workshops and dealing with public or private organizations. 


The area is in charge of: Organizing the Design and Quality and the Laugher Doctors efforts so that both Coordinations work in harmony in well-organized teamwork. Find me if you need to: give some feedback for the Laughter Doctors, Design Coordinations or if you have any idea that you do not know how to execute that involves the Organization's of our teams.

Board Cosmic Council

Andrés Aguilar

Founder / Vice President

Ignacio Gómez Morin


Daniel Ramos


Rocío Garcia


Victor García


Francisco Álvarez