¡Serve with joy and rejoice in service!

We are a Mexican non-profit organization founded in 1999 by women and men of different professions and backgrounds. For the past 21 years, through actions driven by the work of over 2,500 Laugher Doctors “Médicos de la Risa” in 36 cities and 21 states in Mexico, we have strengthened the social fabric of the country.

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How to collaborate with Risaterapia?

There are many ways to support us and take joy further!

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Support our cause by becoming a recurring donor. You can help by donating starting from $2 dollars a month!


Be a Laughter Doctor “Médico de la Risa”

To be able to bring joy to more places in our country and all over the world, we need a lot of Laughter Doctors. Join our Certification Course and learn to put your heart on the tip of your nose.

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We are a nonprofit organization and we finance our work through workshop earnings, donations and Risaterapia for Business. If you have any questions or suggestions about the way we opperate contact:

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